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by the grace of God and the seat of my pants

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Birthdate:Oct 5
Location:Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
Not giving a damn what people say is actually very hard work; I just make it look easy.

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angela carter, antiques, arabic art, art nouveau, aubrey beardsley, autonomy, baltimore, barbie, baroque music, blood libel, bob dylan, boots, bourbon, bridges, brindle dogs, british literature, budapest, cats with attitude, cemeteries, charles bukowski, chiaroscuro, cinnamon, clint eastwood, coleridge, comfortable silence, cover songs, cowboys, crochet, curly hair, dan bern, david cronenberg, duran duran, fairy tales, feminism, film noir, fire, floaty pens, four agreements, ganesha, gardenias, geometric design, ghost stories, ginger ale, glass beads, goofing off, gossip, gothic romanticism, green eyes, hammer movies, hampden, handel, harry crews, hats, henry rollins, hinduism, hooping, horror literature, horror movies, hoyay, irreverence, islamic art, istanbul, iznik ceramics, jack chick, john steinbeck, kaleidoscopes, keats, kids in the hall, knitting, lacan, lace, lace knitting, large dogs, leonard cohen, licorice, lipstick, literature as history, lord byron, louis comfort tiffany, louise brooks, luce irigaray, machismo, magic realism, mandalas, marquis de sade, mary janes, medusa, mel brooks, minor key, monster cereals, moral turpitude, mucha, muppets, nancy boys, necromurophobia, needlecrafts, new historicism, nick cave, origami, paisley, passive resistance, persian rugs, porn as literature, prague, pre-raphaelites, pressed pennies, pretending to look busy, punk rock, radial symmetry, red, ridiculing ann coulter, robert mitchum, rococco, roman polanski, romani, roses, schubert, shelley, shoes, spiders, stained glass, subversion, t-straps, tanith lee, tattoos, teh pretty, the banality of evil, the brothers grimm, theda bara, tiles, tom robbins, tom waits, vampires, velvet, vivaldi, warrior poets, whiskey, william shatner, women's issues, writing, wrought iron, yarn, young frankenstein
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